ICC Profile Download & Instructions

ICC Profile Download & Instructions

LumeJet operates a fully colour managed workflow. We recommend your images are saved in the sRGB or Adobe98 colour space with an embedded profile. The LumeJet process has a gamut that extends beyond sRGB, so AdobeRGB is the preferred choice. 

If you utilise a fully ICC colour managed workflow you may decide to download and utilise one of our specific output profiles. Please note that each media type or paper has slightly different colour responses and therefore it is important to configure your workflow for the intended paper. The links to download our present profiles for the current media range are provided below. Click the relevant media to download the profile. Further information on ICC Colour Managed workflows can be found here. (opens in a new page.)


Fuji DPII Crystal Archive Gloss

Fuji DPII Crystal Archive Matte

Fuji DPII Crystal Archive Lustre

Fuji DPII Crystal Archive Pearl

Fuji DPII Crystal Archive Silk

Fuji HDX Premium Glossy

Fuji HDX Premium Matte

Fuji Type H Velvet Matte