LumeJet Files Submission Guidelines

The following is a nonexhaustive list of the file preparation and type perquisites for optimal printing on the LumeJet S200 Digital Printing Press. For further advice as to specific print file suitability please email “”. 

File Resolution, Size and Sharpness

The LumeJet S200 is a true continuous tone 400DPI x 400DPI high resolution printing device. Images should be supplied at this resolution at printed size if the maximum image quality is to be achieved. Images of lower resolution, certainly below 300DPI,  may result in a “jaggy” or soft appearance. As a guide, an A4 image saved as a Tiff file without compression is likely to be in excess of 285MB at full resolution. Therefore JPEG images saved at high or maximum quality are suggested. The exact JPEG file size will vary depending on the image composition and content but is likely to be in the order of 5MB - 25MB. The process can reproduce very high levels of sharpness and we recommend that local and global sharpening is used to optimise files - but not so much that images look artificially sharp and sharpening fonts should be avoided. 

Colour Space 

All images should be supplied in Adobe RGB format, with embedded profile, wherever possible. This not only reduces the file size by 25% but also ensures that maximum colour fidelity can be maintained. We can also support sRGB, CMYK and other colour spaces as long as the profile is embedded, but this is not maximising the benefit of our process and colour gamut. 


Document/files should be supplied with all fonts embedded or with the fonts included if copyright allows. EPS files should include all fonts converted to outlines wherever possible. 

Accepted File Formats 

Our website currently only supports JPEG images, although we are working on adding PDF and Tiff images very soon. In the meantime, if you need to supply PDF or TIFF images please contact us at

Maximum Output/Print Size 

The maximum finished print size is 305mm x 1000mm including crops and bleed.  If you are designing files that will be finished outside LumeJet, please ensure crop marks and bleed do not take the image size beyond 305mm x 1000mm. 

Notes on producing designs for LayFlat books 

As previously mentioned the maximum finished print size is 305mm x 1000mm. Therefore any lay flat book, where two pages are laid out across a single sheet to be folded, must be designed to keep within this size range.

In particular the combined front and back cover sheet will need to be somewhat longer than the inside pages to accommodate the book spine. The exact amount will depend upon the number of body pages within the book. In addition to the usual crop marks the pages will also require a centre line for accurate creasing prior to lay at book production. This should be included within the bleed gutter of the design.The addition of crop marks is not necessary if the page dimensions dictate that these could not be included within the 305mm width limitation, as the book production process will naturally trim the final page size. 

Click here for a PDF Guide to creating lay flat books and covers.