As serious photographers, we assume you will work with such products as Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign. On our site, you can layout your JPG, TIFF or PDF files via the simple design tool or you can upload your files directly using our WeTransfer channel. The site design tool does not impact your image quality unless you use scaling.

What resolution do you print at?

Our technology produces true continuous tone output at 400 DPI. This has a much higher visual appeal when compared halftone or dithered output more commonly seen in conventional print and ink jet solutions. This not only improves the quality of any images, but also allows us to reproduce pin sharp text and line work. For further information see Contone vs Halftone.

What about sharpening?

The LumeJet process can print extremely sharp images but that is very dependent on what is supplied and we routinely see under-sharpened images. Many photo services and inkjet machines automatically sharpen images, but we prefer not to take away your control - sharpness is a matter for personal preference. We recommend, having sized your image for 400 dpi, that you try localised and global sharpening to optimise how the image looks in your display. If it looks too soft, then we will reproduce that but also if you can see artefacts from too much sharpening, we will most likely reproduce them too. There is no single correct amount of global sharpening we can advise, as each image is different, and there is no better alternative to investing time in optimising each photograph.

What colour space should I save images in?

Our presses print using the RGB colour space, a much larger colour range or gamut when compared to conventional CMYK printing. We pride ourselves in our colour accuracy and would prefer to discuss a missing profile before making a default assumption of sRGB, which could cause a colour shift to occur. Our S200 media specific ICC profiles are available if you wish to soft proof using a calibrated colour managed monitor. For further information on how to use our services in a full colour managed workflow please contact us, either by phone or by emailing support@lumejet.com and we will gladly explain and discuss the best solution for you to capitalise on our outstanding quality and colour fidelity.

You can also download ICC profiles here

What is the maximum sheet size you are able to produce?

The maximum sheet size we can print is 305mm x 1000mm (12” x 39”). If you are printing portrait A3 or A4 pages with bleed using InDesign please download our useful template using the link below.

Download A3 InDesign Template Instructions

What media (paper) types am I able to use?

Presently we support the following silver halide media:

  • Fujicolor DPII Crystal Archive – Matte, Gloss, Lustre, Silk
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet
  • Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl
  • Fujicolor Premium Crystal Archive Premium HDX X-Tra Coat – Matte, Gloss, Lustre

The Fujicolor Premium Crystal Archive Premium HDX X-Tra Coat is preferred for book products and other applications where there will be a lot of handling, given its protective coating that resists fingerprints. It also glues very well and creases very cleanly. For further information feel free to contact us at sales@lumejet.com.

Do you only print single pages and panoramas?

No, we can also produce a raft of other products including mounted products, layflat books and photobooks, with both hard and soft covers up to A3 landscape and we have partners that do the same. Some of these products will be added to the website in due course and please look at the products our partners offer. For many products, we work with experienced finishing partners to guarantee excellent results. If you would like to discuss layflat book printing or mounted products please feel free to contact us or send an email to sales@lumejet.com

Do you offer a proofing or trial service?

Yes we do and would welcome the opportunity for you to experience the quality for yourself. Please contact us via email at sales@lumejet.com and also look out for promotions - signing up to our newsletters by registering is the best way to hear about offers and new products.

Can you add text and onto the pages?

Yes you can, one of the key benefits of our process is the ability to produce fine lines and text very well, right down to 2pt text! Also due to the presses colour fidelity, custom colour, spot colours, pantones and metalics reproduce particularly well. We like to think of this as being able to design without compromise.

Can the resultant prints be laminated and mounted?

Yes they can and we will be adding some of these options to our website in coming months. But in many cases the actual finish of the paper or media means that there is no need for additional lamination. In the meantime if you have any specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us sales@lumejet.com.

Do you have a fact sheet that I can send to my designer explaining how to layout pages for your presses?

Yes, you can download the latest version of our file guidelines by downloading our fact sheet using the link below.

Download File Format Guide

If I am preparing a file to upload what size should this be?

Images should be JPEG, TIFF, or PDF if using the site tools or any suitable graphics can be used with file transfer. Images should ideally be in Adobe98 colour space with an embedded profile. Our machines print at a true 400DPI, higher than most photographic printers. This means a 10x8" print should ideally be 4000 x 3200 pixels in size. However, you do not need to size or crop your files before buying online, as you can crop them when ordering and we'll render your images correctly for printing. Obviously the same basic calculation applies to other image sizes.

When will I receive my prints?

Smaller orders will normally be shipped by Royal Mail and larger orders may be shipped by courier. Your prints will be shipped in packaging that ensures you receive it in perfect condition. If for any reason your package is received damaged please inform the delivery driver. If you could, also please send us details of the damage, including a photograph if possible, and email the details to support@lumejet.com. We will prioritise replacement print for any that has been damaged, although please bear in mind that there may be delays beyond our control in getting you replacements. You can be assured we will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Do you only ship to the UK?

No, we can ship to Worldwide, although local laws regarding import duties and taxes may vary. If the country you would like your order shipped to is not listed please email us at support@lumejet.com and we can normally get new countries added within 24 hours.

I am still confused, can you please help?

Yes, of course we can. Feel free to contact us by either sending an email to support@lumejet.com or give us a call during office hours on: +44 (0) 2476 992 649 and ask for the print service support department. Even as experts in ultra high quality image reproduction, we know it can sometimes get confusing. We are here to help!