For when good enough….isn't

LumeJet offers short run, ultra-high resolution printing, ideally suited to production of photographic prints, fine art prints, book jackets, pitches & proposals, and large-format layflat books.

Photographic Prints

LumeJet takes photographic printing to the next level – with higher resolution and sharpness than conventional silver halide (C-Type) processes, excellent colour fidelity and high dynamic range. Most importantly, a LumeJet photographic print looks natural and best represents what the photographer sees.  As display and camera technology improves, LumeJet is the company that can best take advantage of that in print.

LayFlat Books

Layflat books, are the new must-have for the elegant coffee table, gracing bluechip hospitality suites, lounges of boutique hotels and reception areas of the professional art and design community. They’re also winning contracts (and fans) as Corporate pitches. The LumeJet S200’s unique ability to combine true contone photographic quality images with fine line artwork and crisp text over extra large print area (305 x 1000 mm) makes it possible to print layflat books up to A3 landscape double-page spread – as single sheets, no split images, registration issues or loss of detail. 

Fine Art Prints

For fine art prints and exhibition printing, only the best is good enough. Artists, photographers and their customers expect to see the details, and the LumeJet S200’s ultra high resolution really lets you appreciate all the brushstrokes and textures. For colour fidelity, photographic prints are second to none, matching a vast range of colours, including metallics and neons, on media that is colour-fast and light stable for many, many years without additional protective coatings. 

Pitches & Proposals

You may employ the best creative minds in the business, but do your pitches and proposals let you down on paper? It’s a sad fact that images which sparkle onscreen may look dull and flat when printed out; worse, your client’s logo looks nothing like its Pantone® reference when rendered in CMYK. The LumeJet S200’s RGB colourspace achieves outstanding colour fidelity, across hard-to-print Pantone® special inks like Reflex Blue, metallics and neons; and flawless black backgrounds. The ultra-high resolution guarantees fine lineart and pin-sharp text, right down to 1-point size, reversed out of a coloured background. 

Book Jackets

Cover design may dictate success in sales, although the combination of photos, words and graphics may represent problems for conventional digital printing. Traditionally, there’s a compromise to achieve high quality photographic images and sharp lettering, especially with small print on a coloured background. The LumeJet S200’s innovative digital print head combines true contone, photo quality graphics and crisp legible text on the same page; whilst the printable area (305 x 1000 mm) is big enough to accommodate most large volumes. The finishing touch for any short-run, luxury or personal publication - a stunning jacket helps create a bestseller.

Wedding Albums

Commemorate those once in a lifetime occasions with a true photographic layflat album. Even better than a photobook , just turning the thick, lustrous pages will bring back all those fleeting moments from the happy event. The LumeJet S200’s ultra high resolution shows every detail of the bride’s dress, and prints pin-sharp text in all typefaces for extracts of readings or the best man’s speech. The wide printable area (305 x 1000 mm) is great for those big group shots – run a panorama across a double-page spread, no registration problems or loss of detail. The RGB colourspace is very flattering for skintones , delicate flowers, crystal glass and candlelight, all on archive-quality paper that doesn’t fade. Keep all those memories safe for a lifetime.