• Bringing traditional silver halide printing into the 21st century.

Who and what is LumeJet?

The launch of LumeJet Print Technologies in September 2015, established to bring our revolutionary print quality to market as a service for professionals, has a 15 year story attached. Our S200 printer has been developed for both high end photographic and commercial print applications.

It is a truly unique printing system, developed by us from the ground up, and only available from us and our partners.

We provide

  • a professional photo service for discerning photographers;
  • a fulfillment service for photo product companies and commercial printers;
  • an outplacement partner service, for when our printers are best placed on your premises.

LumeJet exists to deliver the best quality photo and digital print on the planet - and that is a moving target. The joy of delivering the perfectly printed image that faithfully reproduces the photographer's art is what motivates us.

We provide

  • Do what it takes to produce outstanding and unbeatable quality
  • Constantly innovate and improve - never accept the status quo
  • Absolute integrity - we stand by our word and our commitments
  • Trustworthy - we are open and honest, even if that’s hard sometimes
  • Customer-focused - if a customer isn’t happy, we must do better, and we will. Plus we will do all we can to ensure the customer receives their perfect print
  • Accessible - systems are critical but people sometimes need to talk to people

Development of the LumeJet Digital Print Head (DPH) started on 2001, using hundreds of individually-addressable micro pixels to enable pin-sharp and finely controlled imaging.

In 2012 LumeJet launched a three-colour, RGB, Digital Print Head which is now used in the LumeJet S200. This is our new inkless digital printer for ultra high quality printed output, which is what we use in our own production facility in Coventry.

LumeJet continues research and development work with Digital Print Heads for a range of other applications, including:

  • Inkless printing for labelling and packaging
  • Printed electronics and plastic logic, for flexible displays, thin memory, OLED, OPV
  • Direct-write digital lithography, for photo-masking and patterning

LumeJet is pioneering innovative solutions to customer needs, through development of technologies for its own products and by enabling third parties through its licensing programme.