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"LumeJet is the best print and photo quality that I have ever seen in the market. Competitively priced and most of all, effectively beautiful"

London School of Photography

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"The real point is that this is the highest quality print I've ever seen"

Frank Romano – Leading Print Industry Commentator

LumeJet is a UK digital print innovator, specialising supply of ultra high resolution print for use by print production experts.

Utilising our first commercial product, the LumeJet S200, we are now able to offer ultra high resolution LumeJet prints to print production houses in the UK. Our revolutionary  photonic print technology makes it possible – for the first time – to combine true contone images and pin-sharp text on the same page with unrivalled colour fidelity, including computer generated image reproduction. The result is the cost effective production of beautiful, compelling and previously unseen photographic output quality professional print.

The unique LumeJet S200 output creates a distinct competitive advantage and has the power to differentiate you in an increasingly difficult marketplace.

If you are a printer or print service provider contact us to find out how you can add this new production opportunity to your portfolio of services.



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"The LumeJet S200 output fits so well
with the journeys that I create"

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Photo-quality graphics & pin-sharp
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